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鮮肌之謎 臍帶血引流面膜


鮮肌之謎 臍帶血引流面膜/40ml(Fresh mystery umbilical cord blood drainage mask)


Umbilical cord blood drainage mask main components: umbilical cord blood stem cells, horse placenta, EGF, KGF-, hyaluronic acid, collagen, salmon ovary stem cells Progeline (anti-aging, fluoride peptide), DermCom (gold saffron extract), ethylenediamine Sodium Tetracetate – 2, Huang Cen extract, Salvia root extract.



  • 商品內容:40ml / 片。





Effectively promote the secretion and metabolism of sweat glands, the oxygen content of the skin increased, the exclusion of epidermal cell metabolism products and the accumulation of fat substances, deep cleansing pore dirt, remove excess horny, remove oxidized oil, moisturizing, balance skin oil secretion, To prevent the formation of acne, whiten freckle, brighten skin tone, lift firming, improve skin immunity, repair sensitive skin, achieve maintenance, regulate skin function, maintain supple, fair, firm and translucent young skin.

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  • Product Contents: 40ml / piece.

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▲ The product may be slightly different from the actual product due to shooting light.

▲ products due to personal constitution, so can not guarantee the same effect.

▲ product recommendations to avoid damp, direct sunlight or place at high temperatures.



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