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Pearl sophy真珠美學 水潤多效保濕滋潤面霜/50ml(Hydra moisturizing moisturizing multi-effect cream)


Pearly aesthetic popular single product [moisturizing cream], the first used to fall in love with the taste because it smells good with a small BABY cream, painted to the skin is second absorption completely without worry about greasy cream, as the door guard of the skin is particularly important Protect the skin is not easy to redness itching strong lock water.








French imports of effective raw materials, “sodium hyaluronate” can make skin super moisturizing smooth and delicate; “almond oil” can reduce allergy itching to eliminate swelling inflammation; “Squalane” has advanced feel, moisturizing non-greasy; “hydrolyzed yeast Extract “can restore epidermal elasticity and delay aging. This product has a real 24hr deep lock water power, soothing dry, reduce itchy redness, repair damaged skin, dilute stains, accelerate cell renewal, easily absorbed by the gentle skin-friendly ingredients, moisturizing non-sticky.

Product content 50ml.


▲ The product may be slightly different from the actual product due to shooting light.

▲ products due to personal constitution, so can not guarantee the same effect.

▲ product recommendations to avoid damp, direct sunlight or place at high temperatures.



搶先評價 “真珠美學水潤多效保濕滋潤面霜/50ml”

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